Suryopasana Sarvaswam

Suryopasana Sarvaswam is the book compiled and prepared by Late Sri Dharmala Rama Murthy with his practical performance of Surya Yagnam.

Some of the topics from the Vedas and Purana Granthas were included in Suryopasana Sarvaswam, viz.,

  1. Aditya Puranam
  2. Mahabharatam
  3. Maha Bhagavatham
  4. Srimad Ramayanam
  5. Bhavishyottara Puranam
  6. Padma Puranam
  7. Kurma Puranam
  8. Vayu Puranam
  9. Hiranyagarbha Samhita
  10. Kanva Samhita
  11. Kanva Sathapatham
  12. Rigveda Samhita
  13. Vidyaranya Bhashyam
  14. Atharvaneya Suryopanishat
  15. Mayura krita Surya Shatakam
  16. Gaytri Anusthana Tattwa Prakasika
  17. Krishnayajurvedaranyaka Bhagam

In addition to this many stories on Lord Surya Bhagavan highlighting the Surya Bhagavan's status as a visual God for the humanity have been added from Ramayanam, Bharatam, and Bhagavatham etc.

Many photos of Sri Rama Murthy in performing Surya Namaskaras on one leg only are included. Also, all the Gayatri Mudras with authority of slokas were also given. The color photos of Lord Hanuman and Sri Yagnavalka Maharshi who are the direct disciples of Lord Surya Bhagavan were also given.

Ashthothara and Shasra Namas of Lord Surya Bhagavan are given. In addition to this, so much of information of Lord Surya Bhagavan is given in this book including Aruna Patham, Maha Sauram with notation.

This is the only book for the entire world on Lord Surya Bhagavan with full information which is published so far in any language.

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