Late Sri Dharmala Rama Murthy
(12-11-1910 :: 15-08-1978)

Sri Dharmala Rama Muthy was born on 12-11-1910 (Sadharana Nama Samvatsara Kartika Suddha Dasami, Saturday) to Late Sri Kamayya and Smt. Kantamma at Palivela, East Godavari District in a respectable family as the eldest son. He studied Sukla Yajurveda in the boyhood. He started learning Mridangam from 1930 under Late Sri Varanasi Ghantayya Sastry and Late Sri Mullapudi Lakshmana Rao, great exponents in the field of Mridanga. He accompanied on Mridangam many stalwarts in numerous sabhas.

He had researched on the art of Mridanga for more than 20 years and wrote a book on Mridangam. His Guru Sri Mullapudi Lakshmana Rao encouraged him and guided him in a proper manner in writing the book "Mridanga Thatwam". Many top ranking vidwans appreciated his work and gave their testimonials.

Sri Palghat T.S. Mani Iyyar, a Mridanga veteran of international fame came down to Rajahmundry and graciously released the book "Mridanga Thatwam" for the public in 1966. Sri Mani Iyyar has adorned Sri Rama Murty with Swarna Kankana and a title "Mridanga Vidwachekara" in that sabha. Smt. M.S. Subbalakshmi had honorably sent Rs.501/- through Sri Mani Iyyar for felicitation in that sabha.

His book "Mridanga Thatwam" was selected as the best book in Indian languages and English by the National Academy of Music and Dance, New Delhi. Sri Rama Murty has given a number of demonstrations in the Music Academy, Madras, All India Radio Stations, Doordarshan and in many sabhas. He had received many appreciations and felicitations including the First World Telugu Conference held by Govt. of A.P. He was honored by the then President of India Sri V.V. Giri when releasing the book "Mridanga Thatwam" in English that was co-authored by his eldest son Sri D. Venketeswara Rao.

He also authored the books "Muktayi Sutra Bhashyam" and "Suryopasana Sarvaswam" and had received the appreciation of many scholars.

He attained the Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Venkateswara (expired) on 15-08-1978 at 5AM at the banks of river Godavari, Rajahmundry.

Sri Rama Murty has five sons and among them the eldest son Sri Dharmala Venkateswara Rao is a Mridanga Vidwan and co-author of the books. He has taken pains in publishing his father's books and also toured extensively including U.S.A and propagated the art of Mridanga and their books. Sri Rama Murty's grand son Chi. D.V. Rama Murty (son if D. Venkateswara Rao) who is an engineer in U.S.A is also a Mridangam Artist and has been giving performances.

Sri Rama Murty is always alive in the music world through his invaluable books.