Late Sri Mullapudi Lakshmana Rao

Sri Mullapudi Lakshmana garu Rao was born in the year 1906 at Peddapuram village, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India. He was adopted to Mullapudi family. His father Sri Odali Venkata Narayana garu, was a great Mridanga Vidawan of his times.

Sri Lakshmana Rao inherited the art of Mridangam from his forefathers. He learnt the art of Mridangam from Late Sri Muramalla Gopalaswamy garu.

With the gift of fine intellect, Sri Lakshmana Rao has developed a unique style of playing Mridangam, by listening to great Mridanga Vidwans.

Sri Lakshnama Rao has three sons and one daughter. His second son Sri Mullapudi Sri Ramamurthy is a top-ranking Mridangam Artist of Andhara Pradesh, and is currently working at All India Radio, Vishakapatnam.

Sri Lakshnama Rao used to play the Mridangam in a fine and traditional way. He had a very good knowledge of Muktayee calculations. With this astonishing knowledge, he used to give a very good accompaniment to many critical Pallavis (a variety of song) which used to have critical Jagaas. He accompanied many great Telugu and Tamil Karnatic Musicians on Mridangam and Kanjira and gained applauses from them. He was awarded with titles like "Maardangika Kesari", "Naadopasaka" etc.

He trained many good students in his art of Mridangam. In his disciples, the main ones where, Sri Dharmala Rama Murthy, Sri Katravupalli Veerabhadra Rao, Sri Mullapudi Suryanarayana, and Sri Dharmala Venkateswara Rao.

Sri Lakshmana Rao was a wealthy person. But he spent his entire wealth for the development of the art of Mridangam. The Andhra Pradesh Government recognised his knowledge and service, and awarded him a life-time monthly pension.

Sri Lakshmana Rao expired on 30th June 1970 in Vishakapatnam.

Sri Lakshmana Rao is always alive in the music world through his great art of Mridangam.